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Toronto’s best real estate neighbourhoods

Home hunters in Toronto have their work cut out for them, and even with the help of a great real estate agent, you have to think about not just what kind of home you want, but where you want to live, and what you can afford. So what’s the best neighbourhood in the city?

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How condo sales are affecting Toronto real estate average prices

Toronto’s real estate market has been complicated, and it’s likely going to stay that way for a little while, but it’s not as dire as many have speculated. As one real estate agent pointed out recently, there’s a lot to talk about in terms of average prices, trends, and the types of homes for sale.

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Condo sales up more than 20% as GTA real estate sales dip

Toronto’s real estate market continues to evolve after a tumultuous year for home and condo sales in the city. While the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) reports that condo sales are up more than 20% from last September, overall sales were down by 35%, even as listings were up 9.4%, and the overall price of homes is also on the rise.

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